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Review Postcards

Get a review postcard based on one of our successful templates to assist your business in encouraging customers to leave reviews on Google Plus or Facebook.

Reviews are extremely important in today's growing online marketplace and at your physical storefront. They invite new customers to try your products and services and build new loyal relationships between you and them.
Positive reviews also assist getting your local rankings up when searching for certain keywords and competing with other businesses. To sum up, the more positive organic reviews the better!
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These cards can be used to provide instructions on how to leave a review for your business and find the proper account to leave a review so your customers find your social media.

Standard Review Postcards:

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  • $200

Get a custom made Review postcard:

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  • $300

    S.V.S. Client's* Price:

  • $100

    S.V.S. Client's* Price:

    • $200


plus printing ($90 for 250 copies)

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