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ShopVictoria offers premium photography services. Your products, your staff, your website, an event, and even branding material. Use your images to promote yourself to Victoria.


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Professional Photoshoot

Websites and Social Media are the most cost effective way to make that first impression. Strong well executed images are a powerful tool when it comes to conveying who you are and what you do.

Basic Photoshoot

Complete Photoshoot

Basic Photoshoot:

    Regular Price:

  • $379
  • $75 per extra hour

Complete Photoshoot:

    Regular Price:

  • $999

    S.V.S. Client's* Price:

  • $200
  • $50 per extra hour

    S.V.S. Client's* Price:

  • $500


* You enjoy access to our client's reduced pricing when you subscribe to any of our service packages.