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Google rewards rich, relevant, local, new content. Don't be punished by search engines for a dormant website.

Regularly embed new SEO rich content into your website and strengthen your social media presence for a small monthly fee.

Consumers will love you for it too! Tell them about new products, helpful hints, upcoming events or promotions. And these social media links back to your website will increase your site's authority in search.

There are other benefits associated with the presence of a blog engine in a website that are often overlooked. For instance, a blog generates an RSS feed of the content that can be used in many ways, including blog feed syndication.

Smartly broadcast everywhere: Your website, social media and ShopVictoria.ca.

Regular Price:

  • $100 ⁄ 1 monthly entry
  • $150 ⁄ 2 monthly entry

S.V.S. Client's* Price:

  • $70 ⁄ 1 monthly entry
  • $100 ⁄ 2 monthly entry

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